Greece welcomes you to envision future agriculture

Let history and tradition inspire you and show you the way to the future.

Enjoy the land and meet one of the oldest cultures that gave birth to agriculture.

Greece will be next year’s host of the ISF World Seed Congress 2013. My country is famous for its beautiful landscapes, its islands and its antiquities.

Long ago, with an antithesis expected from developed cultures, we made agriculture a myth and a science at the same time.

A deity whose daughter split her life cycle under and over the earth and writers like Hesiod and Xenophon that took steps towards scientific agriculture.

Greece, today, embraces with ISF the concerns and dreams for food security and food sovereignty of a rapidly increasing population.

And together with ISF, the National Organizing Committee of the ISF World Seed Congress 2013 looks forward to your participation into a productive congress, in a country of highly diversified and modernized agriculture.

You are all warmly invited to these beautiful landscapes to enjoy the spring of 2013 in Greece.

It will be fertile. It will be unique. 

Vasilis Paisios
National Organizing Committee



Main Sponsor

The ISF World Seed Congress 2013 will take place on the European continent in the city of Athens, Greece.  Athens is a beautiful city with tremendous history.  From the first Olympics Athens has been a great place for people to congregate. 

Nations from all over the world have come to Athens in the spirit of national pride, the spirit of competitiveness and most importantly, to cooperate successfully. We, the seed industry will get to experience Athens in 2013. Athens will be a wonderful city for ISF’s World Seed Congress to have seed associates from 6 continents and over 80 countries come together in May 2013. 

The industry will trade seed, learn about new opportunities in seed and find solutions for seed companies to move seed amongst our countries.  People will also learn the latest in intellectual property rights, phytosanitary issues, trade rules, and develop opportunities to supply seed that can create food, feed, fiber and fuel for this great earth.

ISF invites you to come to Athens to find opportunities to access the best seeds for your company.

I look forward to seeing you in Athens, Greece.

Tim Johnson


International Seed Federation




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